About us

Our Mission

Blast Fastpitch empowers girls ages 9-16 in the Portland Metro area to become strong, confident leaders through the sport of fastpitch softball. We cultivate a supportive community that fosters athletic excellence and personal growth, led by passionate coaches who mentor well-rounded young women on and off the field.

Parent & Player Code of Conduct

Blast Fastpitch is a competitive softball team.  Although the objective is to win, we do not believe in winning at all costs.  Generally, our belief is that if we do the right things the right way for the right reasons, the results will take care of themselves. Beyond having success on the field, our goals include  the girls having a positive experience (fun, positive attitude, respect) and improving each week by learning and reinforcing the fundamentals.

Playing Time

We believe playing time is earned through skill level, attendance, effort/hustle, and attitude.


We believe in open communication between players, coaches, and parents.  If a parent or player has a concern, they should speak directly with the coaches.  The coaches will do the same.  All parties recognize there are appropriate times to have such conversations.  As such, we will abide by the “24 Hour” rule – because emotions can run high, conversations will occur no earlier than one full day after the end of play.

If a player or parent cannot get along with the team, or they do not support team events, rules, and goals, they may be asked to leave.

Team Rules

Players listen and look coaches in the eye when they are talking.
We are a sisterhood. The players can feel however they’d like about each other off the field but will respect and support each other at all times on the field.
Encourage your teammates at all times. Negative comments about teammates are unacceptable.
Pouting of any kind, throwing equipment, etc., will not be accepted or tolerated
Don’t ask the coaches to play a position before or during a game.
Abide by the Parent and Participant agreements.
Have Fun!

Concussion Safety 

Blast follows Jenna’s Law. Only an appropriately trained healthcare professional can diagnose a concussion. Both Max's and Jenna's Laws require that when a concussion is suspected, the player must be removed from play. “When in doubt, sit them out.”


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